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Lecture: 1

Intro To Cyber Security

Introduction to the world of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, what is the Ethical Hacker, Types, Security labs, the most important global penetrations and analysis, and how to be educated Security

Lecture: 2

Intro To Linux

Learn Linux OS as a method for Cyber Security Professional, we will learn how to use Linux, its tools and how to secure and hack it

Lecture: 3


The footprinting stage is very important in the Ethical Hacking world. It is the first and most important hacking stage that enables an attacker to gather information and choose the best methods of attack

Lecture: 4

Social Engineering

One of the most interesting and interesting topics that will be presented in this course is the art of manipulating users in order to deceive them and convince them to do work leading to the disclosure of their confidential data or accounts without their knowledge

Lecture: 5


At this stage you will explain how to assess security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the services and system to be reached

Lecture: 6

Gain Access

Hacking systems in general and some important terms such as viruses and how a hacker can access devices through networks. This part of the course aims to teach how a moral hacker should learn the tricks used by hackers to penetrate systems in order to prevent or keep the system from penetrating

Lecture: 7

Maintain Access

How to create a permanent means of communication with the system so that we do not have to repeat the previous steps in order to re-enter the system in case of logoff

Lecture: 8

Remove Logs

Concealment of traces It is important for a hacker to do so once he or she has penetrated a particular network or server

Lecture: 9

Mobile Pentest

We will explain and discuss in detail the test of mobile penetration, types and severity and how to protect applications from penetration and leakage of information

Lecture: 10

WiFi Hacking

The privacy of wireless Internet networks is still weak and easy to penetrate because they rely on weak encryption and easy to trace, we will discuss in this section the best methods of protection and how to secure wireless networks from penetration

Lecture: 11

Cloud Security

Cloud computing is the main engine of sites and applications at the moment, in this topic we will learn what cloud computing and how it works and how can be protected and ethical penetration to protect applications, sites and systems

Lecture: 12

Secure Coding

Programming is the language used for understanding between the programmer and the machine, programmers learn to write codes and source files to build sites and systems, but in this topic, we will learn how to safe programming and learn how to protect programs and systems from the basic stage in writing the program with explanation of protection and ethical penetration

Lecture: 13

IoT Security

Protection and penetration of the Internet of things available around us from transportation to smart home, hospitals, defense and others, we will learn how it works and how can be protected and its own

Lecture: 14

Network Security

Networks are the means of communication between users, systems, devices and sites, in this lecture we will learn how to be protected and encrypted as well as ethical penetration of networks..

Lecture: 15

Cyber Warefare

The current and next war is electronic and cyber warfare, we will learn about electronic armies and their tools and types of armies, wars and countries.

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Dr. Yaser Alosefer

Cyber Security Expert

Cyber Security, Developer, Entrepreneur

10 Years Experience

Dubai, UAE

Ph.D. in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking from Cardiff University, UK. An entrepreneur and developer of many security and professional projects, and applied for two patents in Cyber Security and AI. A social media influencer in Cyber Security and Technology awareness and conduct more than a hundred courses in the last few years

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